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OPEN MIC NIGHT is WED at 8 p.m. and just $5 !  If you know someone who would like to perform, tell them to pop in WED nights and get on stage !  Performers are FREE.
Our hilarious local "All Stars" perform THU at 8 p.m.  Just $5 !  This FRI and SAT it's "Costumes, Comedy and Cubbies!"  Doors open @ 5:30 p.m. for a 6:15 p.m. show followed by the Big Game on the Big Screen !  The person wearing the BEST costume each night will win $100 gift certificates !  Get your tickets ASAP for superstars Donnie Baker, Kevin Pollak and Luenell the first three weeks of November !

Nov 3-5

Donnie Baker


ALL 5 Shows are Still Open but HURRY!

If a show becomes sold out we'll post it on our Facebook fan page right away and here asap!

No act in the long history of the nationally-syndicated "The Bob and Tom Radio Show" has attracted more fans to their concert shows than Donnie Baker!  This week, the "mullet-headed, backwards-cap-wearing, small-town smart-ass" RETURNS!  Donnie Baker is like NO OTHER comic you've seen!  SWEAR TO GO!    In the words of Donnie, "I'm a singer, a comedian and a certified bad-ass.  And I'll say it right to your face!"   Don't miss Donnie Baker!
SHOWTIMES and PRICES for Donnie's Shows:

   THU at 8 p.m. -  $15

FRI & SAT 7:15 and 9:45 p.m. - $20

HOW TO PRE-PAY:  The easiest way is through the website's secure reservation form. You can also call the club with your credit/debit card information. If you don't have a debit/credit card, make your reservation FIRST and then stop by the club with cash.  The BEST days/times for in-person transactions are WED-SAT 5 p.m. - 10 p.m.



Rated - R

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Nov 10-12

Kevin Pollak


All 5 Shows are Open!    Hurry!

The legend is BACK !! Kevin Pollak's illustrious career has been packed with highlites --
stand-up comedy specials, acting ( over 100 roles in movies and television ! ) and directing ( his new movie "The Late Bloomer" is currently in theaters -- and now, at his favorite clubs, you can see him LIVE !
He has performed in Academy Award nominated films, including "A Few Good Men,"  "The Usual Suspects"  and "Casino."   His hefty resume' also includes "Grumpy Old Men," (  and it's sequel ) , "The Whole Nine Yards,""Cop Out,"  "Willow," "Red State," "The Santa Clause 2 and 3" and one of our personal favorites, "Ricochet."
Kevin is a master impressionist, but unlike many comics who do impressions, his all come from the unique perspective of having worked with the actors he mimics.  His Christopher Walken, William Shatner and Jack Nicholson are hilarious PERFECTION!    His most recent comedy special was 2010's "The Littlest Suspect".   His award-winning podcast, "Kevin Pollak's Chat Show," airs live on-line on Sunday nights and then becomes available on Youtube and iTunes.   DON'T MISS one of our favorites and one of Comedy Central's "Top 100 Comics of All-Time!"

SHOWTIMES and PRICES for Kevin's Shows:

THU at 8 p.m. - $25

FRI and SAT at 7:15 and 9:45 p.m. - $30



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Nov 17-19


Get your tickets ASAP for one of the powerhouse forces in comedy!   Comedienne and actress Luenell is one-of-a-kind hilarious!  She may be best known for her breakthrough role as the “hooker with the heart of gold” in the blockbuster 2006 comedy, “Borat.” She achieved an almost cult-like following from her 2-year tour and DVD appearances in “Katt Williams American Hustle.”  In 2012 she appeared in THREE #1 films, “Think Like A Man,”  the animated hit “Hotel Transylvania”and “Taken 2!”  
She's had LOTS of TV appearances, too, with recent episodes of “The Middle” and “Always Sunny In Philadelphia,” as well as stand-up spots on "Snoop Dog’s Bad Girls of Comedy” on SHOWTIME and “Stand-up In Stilettos.”  Scoop LA called her
show a “side-splitting high-wire act without a net!"  Don't miss LUENELL !


THU at 8 p.m. - $15

FRI & SAT at 7:15 & 9:45 p.m. - $20

Rated - R



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Thanksgiving Night Nov 24th
One Night Only

Henry Rollins

The HENRY ROLLINS show is now SOLD OUT!  Thanks to ALL!

The GREAT Henry Rollins is here for ONE show and ONE night only!
THANKSGIVING NIGHT, Nov. 24th, at 8 p.m.


NOV. 24th 8 p.m.  - SOLD OUT!!


Tue Dec 6

Ralphie May
One Night Only!

It's ONE SHOW and ONE NIGHT ONLY with one of the superstars of comedy,  RALPHIE MAY !   Come see him
UP-CLOSE !  FOUR Comedy Central specials and 2 Netflix specials say all that needs to be said.
He's a tour-de-force Get your tickets ASAP !!

SHOWTIME and PRICE for Ralphie May:

8 p.m. - $25

Rated - R



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